BMW 3.0CSi - 1:18 Scale Diecast Model Car


$ 160.00

One of the most beautiful grand touring cars of all time, the BMW E9 coupes were essential to the Bavarian automaker's development into the self-proclaimed "Ultimate Driving Machine." An evolution of the "Neue-Klasse" 2000CS, the 1971 3.0CSi was a light, agile GT that offered a driver-focused take on the contemporary luxury coupe...and with 200 horsepower on tap courtesy of BMW's legendary M30 inline six, it was equal or superior in performance to the era's competing models from Mercedes and Jaguar. As the foundation for BMW's incredibly successful touring car motorsport efforts of the 1970s, the 3.0CSi is now a highly sought-after classic. Minichamps' new 1:18-scale replica of the desirable 3.0CSi (finished in period-evocative Ceylon Gold) features an exceptional level of detail, including a fully realized engine bay, cockpit, and upholstered trunk. With production limited to 504 units, the Minichamps 3.0CSi is certain to be a quick sell-out among collectors of scale-model BMWs.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1:18 scale (approximately ten inches in length). Diecast metal body. Opening hood, doors and truck lid. Functional steering. Limited edition of 504 pieces.

PERFECT FOR: BMW devotees. Fans of 1970s style. Drivers who prefer taste and performance in equal parts.

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