Ferrari 488 GTB - 1:8 Scale Model Car by Amalgam

$ 9,290.00

  • 1:8 Scale (approximately 24 inches in length)
  • Resin body, features opening doors
  • Comes with acrylic dust cover, polished display base and etched i.d. plaque
  • Limited edition of 199 pieces worldwide

The introduction of the Ferrari 488 GTB in 2015 marked the dawn of a new era for Ferrari's mid-engine supercars. Gone were the normally aspirated V-8s of yesteryear; the 488 would feature a 3.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 (with race-bred flat-plane crankshaft) that could generate a lofty 661 horsepower while delivering improved fuel economy over the preceding model. Recognized as "Supercar of the Year" by Top Gear magazine in 2015, the 488 GTB sets the standard for all contemporary supercars to follow.

Working in cooperation with Ferrari SpA, the Amalgam Collection have developed an absolutely stunning 1:8-scale resin replica of the modern classic 488 GTB. Through careful use of original CAD materials and digital scanning, they have created a model car that is virtually indistinguishable in photographs from the real thing...and in person, it is a piece of automotive sculpture that will take your breath away! Of special note is the intricately detailed interior, revealed via opening doors that operate on an exact scale replica of the real car's mechanism. For 488 owners or collectors of ultra-high-end Ferrari model cars, the Amalgam Collection's 488 GTB is certain to become a cherished symbol of their passion.

NOTE: All Amalgam Collection 1:8-scale models are subject to a $250 U.S. shipping and handling fee. Please contact us for international shipping