Ferrari F50 (U.S. Version) - 1:8 Scale Model Car by Amalgam

$ 15,280.00

  • 1:8 Scale (approximately twenty-four inches in length)
  • Resin body, features opening front clip, doors and engine cover
  • Poseable steering
  • Comes with polished display plinth with etched i.d. plaque and acrylic dust cover
  • Limited edition of 199 pieces

Representing the state of the art in 1990s road-and-race car technology, the Ferrari F50 was developed in partnership with Dallara and Michelotto not only as the basis for a BPR GT1 contender, but also as Ferrari's apex street car. Boasting a carbon-fiber monocoque and the same V12 engine that powered Ferrari's contemporary Formula 1 racer, the F50 was the closest one could come to driving an F1 car on the street in 1995. Only 349 were produced, making it one of the most exclusive of all '90s supercars.

The Amalgam Collection's museum-quality 1:8-scale resin replica is without question the finest scale-model Ferrari F50 ever produced. Crafted in cooperation with Ferrari SpA, Amalgam uses original design materials and digital scanning to create a model car that is perfect in every detail. Of particular note is the F50's fully realized engine compartment, as well as a completely accurate cockpit.

NOTE: All Amalgam Collection 1:8-scale models are subject to a $250 U.S. shipping and handling fee. Please contact us for international shipping rates.