Nissan Silvia Spec-R (S15) - 1:43 Scale Diecast Model Car


$ 42.00

Over the course of its first 34 years in production, the Nissan Silvia sports coupe acquired a reputation for being a cheap, easily-modified platform for tuner builds and drift missles. But, for its final generation - the S15, launched in 1999 - Nissan decided it was time for Silvia to grow up. The S15 Spec-R featured a sophisticated, aerodynamically honed shape, as well as a taut suspension better suited to apex carving than to tire-smoking drift antics. A state-of-the-art 6-speed transmission, helical limited-slip differential and Nissan's legendary SR20DET turbo four further boosted the Spec-R's performance credentials. A cherished icon in Japan, the Silvia S15 Spec-R was never offered for sale in the U.S., making it among the sweetest of forbidden fruit for JDM performance fans. Ebbro's 1:43-scale diecast replica of the 1999 Silvia Spec-R offers American collectors a tiny taste of that fruit, packing an incredible level of detail into a very affordable package. Particular attention has been paid to the Silvia's interior, with small trim pieces that would be equally at home in model cars costing twice as much.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1:43 scale (approximately four inches in length). Diecast metal body, no opening parts. Fixed-position steering. Comes with display base and acrylic dust cover.

PERFECT FOR: JDM enthusiasts. Knowledgeable Nissan lovers. People who can quote U.S. import laws chapter and verse...and are lobbying to change them.

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