• Porsche 356 (1951) | 1:43 Scale Model Car by Spark | Front Quarter
  • Porsche 356 (1951) | 1:43 Scale Model Car by Spark | Rear Quarter
  • Porsche 356 (1951) | 1:43 Scale Model Car by Spark | Rear Detail

Porsche 356 (1951) - 1:43 Scale Model Car

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Words like "legendary" and "iconic" seem inadequate to describe the Porsche 356 and its impact on the automotive world. It is the car that, quite simply, changed the course of motoring and racing history. Its sleek, efficient design and Goliath-slaying performance would become the basis of Porsche's 70-year legacy of motorsport domination and road-car excellence. Yet even with the massive advances Porsche has made in the fields of aerodynamics, chassis development and horsepower, a look at the earliest 356 models reveals a car that is just as breathtaking today as it was when it was introduced. Spark's newly released 1:43-scale 1951 Porsche 356 captures the purity and timeless style of the first production Porsche to perfection. The 356's complex body shape is rendered perfectly, but where this model really shines is in its fine details. From the car's signature split windshield to its wide-whitewall tires to its impossibly delicate "PORSCHE 1500" badging on the engine cover, the Spark 356 is a treasure befitting its full-scale inspiration.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1:43 scale (approximately four inches in length). Resin body, no opening parts. Fixed-position steering. Comes with acrylic dust cover and display base.

PERFECT FOR: Porsche enthusiasts. Fans of the history of modern design. 1:43-scale model collectors who want only the finest in detail.