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Porsche 911SC Cabriolet (1983) - 1:43 Scale Diecast Model Car


$ 40.00

At the close of the 1970s, convertibles were an endangered species. Only a handful of international car companies continued their manufacture, and American automakers had abandoned them entirely. A future-oriented change in attitudes sparked a convertible renaissance in the 1980s, however, and car companies flocked to bring ragtops into production. Among them was none other than sports car maker extraordinaire Porsche, who up to that point hadn't offered a full convertible roofed automobile since the 1960s! In the era that saw the rise of the Yuppie, the 911 was a perfect candidate for the chop-top treatment, and for model year 1983, Porsche delivered with the 911SC Cabriolet. It was a popular smash, and open-roofed 911s have been a part of Porsche's model line-up ever since.

Spark Models have selected the 911SC Cabriolet to be a part of their inaugural line of 1:43-scale diecast metal cars. As a one-year-only model (replaced in 1984 by the revived Carrera moniker) the SC Cab is an interesting and important choice for a diecast replica, and Spark delivers with a well-crafted model that balances detail and value quite deftly.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1:43 scale (approximately four inches in length). Diecast metal body, no opening parts. Comes with display base and "shipping container" dust cover.

PERFECT FOR: Porsche enthusiasts. 80s Babies. Value-conscious model car collectors.

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