Porsche 930 Turbo (1975) - 1:43 Scale Diecast Model Car

Model Citizen Diecast

$ 40.00

Applying their track-honed knowledge of turbocharging technology to the classic 911 package, Porsche rewrote the rules of the supercar game in 1975 with the introduction of the 930 Turbo. Explosively powerful and fiendishly tricky to drive (with a penchant for leaving the road backwards if not treated properly in curves) the Turbo was perhaps the the most exceptional sports car of the 1970s, pointing the way to a post-Malaise future of on-boost performance. Spark Models have selected the legendary 930 Turbo to be among the first models in their new line of diecast metal-bodied 1:43-scale cars, which combine traditional diecast construction with Spark's commitment to detail. The result is a 1:43-scale car that deftly balances accuracy and value, making the 930 Turbo ideal for both novice collectors and experienced enthusiasts alike.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1:43 scale (approximately four inches in length). Diecast metal body, no opening parts. Fixed-position steering. Comes with display-quality scale-model "shipping container" display case.

PERFECT FOR: Porsche fanatics. Budget-conscious model car collectors. Those who do not fear lift-throttle oversteer.

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