Williams FW07B 1980 F1 World Champion - 1:18 Scale Model Car


$ 180.00

It was the zenith of ground-effects technology in Formula 1: the Williams FW07B, developed by master car designer Patrick Head and driven to the 1980 World Championships for both Constructors and Drivers by Alan Jones. With moveable "sliding skirts" that created an undercar vacuum effect, the FW07B could corner at seemingly unlimited speed; so much aerodynamic grip was generated by the ground effect that the car was run occasionally without a front wing! Despited the FW07B's legendary performance and championship pedigree, there has not been a premium-grade scale model of this iconic F1 car...until now. Spark's 1:18-scale resincast FW07B captures every detail of the greatest ground-effect Formula 1 car with flawless precision, making it an unmissable addition to any collection of grand prix models.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1:18 scale (approximately ten inches in length.) Resin body, no opening parts. Comes with display base.

PERFECT FOR: Serious F1 fans with an appreciation for the sport's history. Innovators. Racing model collectors looking to fill an important spot in their Formula One display.

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