Who is a Model Citizen?

So, you've found your way to Model Citizen. That's great! We believe we are the very best place on the web to find precision-built scale model cars. But maybe, in a strange twist of fate, you aren't a model car collector! You don't have a display case in your basement rec room that's a shrine to miniature Ferraris! You're confused and frightened!

Relax. Model cars aren't just for "collectors." They may, in fact, be for YOU!

The Model Citizen customer likely falls into one of four categories:
  1. Car enthusiasts who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves to be model car collectors, but who find value in having a few great scale models around their home or workspace to signify their particular interest…a sort of shorthand to communicate to friends that THIS is what they’re into.
  2. People who need a gift for someone like the person described above. Do you have a car lover in your life? Is this person hard to shop for? They won’t be after you spend a few minutes browsing our selection. Still not sure what to get? Fear not: we’ll be rolling out a concierge service soon to help guide you toward the right model car.
  3. Hardcore model car collectors. The “heavy users.” Guys who have special insurance riders for their collections. We speak your language. We have over thirty years of experience buying, selling and collecting premium-grade model cars. We know a quality model car when we see it, and we can save you a lot of time and hassle wading through the endless ocean of junky cars you’ll find online. We will only stock the best.
  4. Young collectors. These could be our favorite customers, the kids who might feel a little too old to play with “toy” cars, but who still want to collect their dream garage in scale. We will offer a great selection of top-quality model cars priced under $40 to help you transition from the Hot Wheels of your youth to the premium collectibles of your future. We got into the model car business because we were young collectors once, too, and we hope you’ll let Model Citizen be a part of your journey

We believe that scale model cars can be a meaningful part of any motoring enthusiast's life, and we get tremendous pleasure in helping customers find the perfect model. Watch this space for the unveiling of our concierge service later this month!

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