Model Citizen is excited to announce that we will be a sponsor of Touge California 2016, America's only vintage auto rally exclusively for classic Japanese cars. Touge California will take place on Saturday, April 2, and will feature 25 of the most intriguing pre-1980 Japanese cars on the road.

"Touge" translates as "mountain pass," and denotes a style of enthusiastic driving common among Japanese car enthusiasts throughout the years. Touge California attempts to capture that same Touge spirit here in the U.S. It will cover approximately 200 miles of scenic and challenging roads in Orange and San Diego Counties, and (pending confirmation) will include a visit to at least one major manufacturer's private collection of historic autos. (Photos are from last year's inaugural event.)

Organized by Japanese Nostalgic Car, the most widely read English-language website devoted to Japanese classics, Touge California is accepting applications to be among the 25 cars in this year's historic event. The entry form can be found on their website; deadline for submissions is March 1st. We are incredibly honored to be a part of the Touge California story, and if you have a Japanese classic in your collection, we hope you can join us!

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