If there's one oft-uttered phrase that makes us crazy around this time every year, it's this:"He's just so hard to shop for." Somehow, the gruff-and-grunting car enthusiast skulking around the house has gotten a reputation for being either finicky about or disinterested in whatever is wrapped up in pretty paper. Well, we at Model Citizen are going to let the long-suffering gift shoppers of the world in on a little secret: no car lover has ever been sad about finding a model car with their name on it under the tree. Scale model cars are perfect little symbols of a car enthusiast's passion, something they can display to show the world that THIS is what they're into.

"But Model Citizen," we hear you cry, "how do I know if I'm getting a great-quality model of the RIGHT car?" Don't worry, we've here to help. Model Citizen carries only the finest precision-built, ready-to-display model cars for true auto enthusiasts. Here are five ideas to get you on the road to holiday shopping success (click the model names for more information):

For the Chevy die-hard: The 1957 Corvette SS Racer by AUTOart

1957 Chevrolet Corvette SS Racer | 1:43 Scale | AUTOart | Model Citizen

Chevy fans are a fiercely loyal bunch, and the 1957 Corvette SS Racer by is certain to appeal to their pride in the marque's history. This prototype sports racer was the first factory-built Corvette race car by Chevrolet, and was intended to take on the very best that Europe had to offer. AUTOart, the gold standard for die-cast model cars, has made a beautiful 1:43-scale replica of this milestone car, featuring a level of detail usually found on models costing twice as much. $25.


For the Ford fanatic: The 1967 Ford Mustang SCCA Trans-Am Champion by Spark

Ford fans are every bit the equal of their Chevy-loving rivals in their loyalty to their brand, and there have been thousands of model Mustangs and other fast Fords offered through the years to satisfy their passion. So, how can you find a unique gift that they're unlikely to have in their collection of Ford paraphernalia? Start with Spark's 1:43-scale model of the Terlingua Racing Team's 1967 SCCA Trans-Am Championship-winning Mustang. Developed by legendary race car designer Carroll Shelby, the Terlingua Mustang is a lesser-known but hugely important car in Ford racing history, and is certain to surprise even the most jaded Mustang enthusiast. $75.


For the Porschephile: The 1976 Porsche 936 Le Mans-winner by Spark

When it comes to brand loyalty, Porsche enthusiasts are a different breed. To them, the superiority of their preferred machine is beyond dispute, and the marque's seemingly endless string of victories in international sports car racing does lend support to their case. One of the most important of those victories was in the 1976 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world's greatest endurance race, in which Porsche's new turbocharged 936 would score a crushing win, beating the second-place car by nine full laps. Spark's 1:43-scale resin replica of this significant car features a wealth of fine detail, from its incredibly accurate interior to its iconic "Martini Racing" livery. $75


For the enlightened Millennial: The 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-R by AUTOart

The Nissan Skyline has an unparalleled motorsports pedigree in its native Japan, but only recently has it gained a devoted following in the U.S. with a generation of car enthusiasts that grew up playing racing simulation video games such as Gran Turismo. The ultimate Japanese musclecar, the Skyline is idolized by Millennials much the same way as the '57 Chevy is coveted by Baby Boomers. AUTOart's 1:18-scale replica of the first-generation GT-R is probably the best diecast Skyline yet produced, and is certain to be THE smash-hit gift for the young car enthusiast on your list this year. $170.


For the connoisseur: The 1963 Ferrari 250GTO by Kyosho

For some car enthusiasts, only the very best will do. For these sophisticated sorts, we recommend Kyosho's exquisite Ferrari 250GTO in 1:18 scale. Considered by many to be the world's greatest classic car (only 36 were built, with several examples trading hands for nearly $30 million recently) the GTO is the pinnacle of Ferrari's brand of beauty and speed. Kyosho's model is fanatically detailed, from its delicate wire wheels to its fully realized engine compartment. It even features a working fuel filler cap. For the serious car enthusiast, the Kyosho GTO is bound to become the centerpiece of a thoughtfully chosen automobilia collection. $295.

These five wonderful miniature cars are only a small sample of what Model Citizen has to offer, so please visit our catalog to view our full lineup of premium-grade scale models. And if you need a little assistance in finding just the right car, we'd love to help! Please drop us a line at: Happy holidays!


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