The Ferrari GTO Sounds As Good As It Looks

A few weeks ago, we added Kyosho's incredible 1:18-scale Ferrari 250GTO to our product catalog. Simply put, it's one of the finest scale-model Ferraris we've encountered in quite some time, and we believe it would make the ideal foundation for a serious collection of model cars.

However, as with any model car, there are certain sensations that cannot be replicated from the real thing. In the case of the GTO, one of the real car's greatest draws is its inimitable exhaust note...the sound produced by the Ferrari 3-liter V12 is absolutely operatic. Thankfully, the masters at Petrolicious have produced a video to supply this needed bit of aural pleasure. Here, we see racer Derek Hill (son of America's first F1 world champion, Phil Hill) at the wheel of a GTO 64, slightly different from the model we offer but powered by the same glorious V12. Speakers up, here we go...

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